Friday, July 6, 2012

Little bug invasion ..

Okay. So, I have incredibly bad news. I know that I havent been posting and I do plan on giving you a full explanation on what has happened to my lovely locks in the past month in a much clearer post later. However, all I can tell you is that my house has been invaded by fleas AND lice. I have three dogs that I have been treating for fles since I noticed the problem. I also found the source ff the lice problem wlllll. My five year old neice. (please forgive my horrible grammar. my kindle screen is very small and i cant see the whole post until after it is posted) I have been vacuuming oofor the past two weekstto get rid of them. I tried EVERYTHING to get rid of my dread lice....but nothing worked.
I had to take them out. I am completely saddened by the loss of my dreadlocks. However... they will make a return once my home and family is cleansed of the issue as well, and then I will return to posring all day every day.

Love     lovelies
Carpe Noctem.

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