Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dread Babies : Three Weeks!

Okay, so yesterday I got on here and posted a few pictures that were taken on the day of my two week mark. I hope that you liked them, because today I woke up and nearly lost my mind at how AWFULLY different my hair looked. It was weird. Some of my dreads have completely lost all their color--almost, and are starting to look like a wet sock D;
Lame as hell, if you ask me, but all part of the process! I'm sitting here at 12:56 AM On Wednesday[Thursday Morning] with my girlfriend, and she's like, "WTF BITCH HURRY DAH FUCKUP." So, I can't really post much about what's been going on with them 'cause I don't want to piss her off. :3 So, I'm going to post a few pictures and then talk about some unfortunate business with my locks in a second post that wont take me too long to explain.

Anywhore, Pictures [Below]

My nephew and I hanging around my brothers
truck. I loved how fucking nuts they looked!

Look at them! They are totally fat, and messy!! :33 

Taking side pictures. :\] 

this is the ride side. The side that has been maturing the most,
but this one looks like there are more loose hairs over
here than on my left side, which seems to be going all
eight legged freaks on me. :]]

I love the random hot pink in there. 

fucking lunatics!

So um...I don't know why this one is here.

the right side, top of the head, dreadies. :) Love them.

My particular favorite fatty. 

Well, my dearies, I hope you enjoyed my little show of my dready children. I hope that you are able to see the obvious change in them since I've had them for the first week (no not just the color) because I'm really loving it. I'm hoping that I will see some drastic changes in them next week which will be a technical MONTH. :) 

Love the lovelies, Carpe Diem :)

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