Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A dry spell...

Okay, so I've been having an issue that I'm sure a lot of dread heads have...
One thing I probably need to mention to people, is that when you have dreads for a long time--or even a short period of time--they begin to kind of 'suck' the moisture out of the top of your head, which can cause dandruff or severe itching, and your scalp will begin to dry. It kind of sucks--no, it really sucks!-- but you deal with it in a very simple way. Normally, you'd use dandruff shampoo for about three weeks, every day right? Well, as you know--or don't--with dreadlocks you can't wash it every day, or you shouldn't--it doesn't matter-- WHAT THE FUCK SICKLE AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?? you ask?, Well, I can help you with it!

What seems to have worked for me in the past events of dreads, is ice cold water!

1) Take a pitcher, a large one!
2) Fill it with ICE COLD water.
3) bend over the sink/pool/tub/..etc
4) and slowly pour it over your head.

Beware, it's going to be ICE COLD!

I would prefer you put it over all of your head, but you can just focus on the itches if you want to. Its not going to harm your hair to get it wet every other day, you know? So, if you do this every other day, it could help lock in some moisture in between washes--not to mention it feels really really refreshing! <3

Hope this helped, even a little

Love the lovelies, Carpe Diem. 

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